Did you know that the compressive forces in your spine when sitting can be up to 200% of your body weight? EASEBelts patented elastic support of your upper body when sitting helps you reduce the compressive forces in your spine.


EASEBelt’s patented elastic support helps you decrease the pressure on your back and ensures the perfect posture while you are sitting.

EASEBelt has been proven to reduce fatigue, back pain and overall wellbeing while sitting for longer periods of time.


Dejan Vinčič
Slovenia men's national volleyball team

One of the best inventions I have seen in years!

Marko Lovše
B.Sc. in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics.

Lengthy, hour-long sedentary periods during which you do not move, combined with an inappropriately supported spine, cause a burning
and unpleasant pain in the lumbar spine. A continuous burden thereof results in a posture defect. The EASEBelt® supports your spine and tailbone by relieving the burden of the parts of the spine most affected by a sedentary lifestyle, without hindering your freedom of movement.

Selma Halilovič
Director of employment agency DELOS

For my employees and even for myself I noticed better work organization, and even more efficiency. We need to sit at the computer most of our working time and it’s really tiring. Now, when I start to use EASEBelt, I am going home far less tired and still full of energy.

Roman Šteh

Yes, I have EASEBelt on the tractor and when I do excavator activities move it there too. I’m still young and have no back pain but have realized when I working on the tractor or excavator with that belt , that really kept me full of energy, despite the fact having been long exposed to shaking machine. I recommend it!

Breda Krušič

After first day of using EASEBelt and after 20 years of morning ‘hatching’ out of bed, I finally got up normally again. Now I use it when sitting in the car and at home as well. Since I have such a good feeling when I use it, I often take it with me for gardening and landscaping.

Aljoša Eržišnik

With the use of Easebelt I feel that I sit in a natural position, because this belt sort of “forces” me into a pleasant seating position. Now I actually sit in “the embrace of comfort” and after a long driving I am no longer so tired as before.

Urška Vračko, a specialist in pediatrics

Hello Srečko! I said to myself that I have to write to you. Today, I first used your belt in the long journey and I have never stepped out of the car so relaxed. Really good stuff. Congratulations again for the gold medal! You deserved it!

EASEBelt makes every chair ergonomic

Lightweight and portable, throw EASEBelt in your bag and easily put it on (almost) every chair when sitting for longer periods of time.

You can use EASEBelt while sitting at a desk, on a plane, driving your car. It’s also perfect for professional drivers.