Your spine and your health

Lengthy periods spent in a sitting position have a terrible impact on health, as the spine is 75% more pressured than while standing and seven times more pressured than when lying down! Even though this fact is widely recognised, too many modern-day occupations are carried out in a predominantly sitting posture.

The correct way of sitting requires constant conscious adaptation of the body and an upright posture, which are almost impossible to achieve in practice. In everyday situations, the body tends to be adjusted to the simplest movement pattern, which results in continuous uncontrolled bending of the spine. This kind of pattern not only places a burden on the vertebrae but has an unfavourable impact on the entire body and, consequently, on your well-being and, last but not least, your health.


How does EASEBelt® work?

EASEBelt® is an ergonomic sitting accessory whose purpose is to support and relieve the burden from the spine during various everyday activities.

It can be used alone or attached to the backrest of various seats. Its strong elastic strap transfers the body weight force to the backrest of the seat, forcing the spine to assume an optimum posture in which it is able to efficiently absorb the effects of the static/dynamic gravity of the environment on the body, thus protecting and unburdening your spine.

Who is the product intended for?

…And when should you place a belt on your body?

For children aged 6 and over

When carrying out their school obligations

EASEBelt® has been designed in various sizes and can thus be used by children as well. Us adults often feel that we pester our children too much by asking them to assume a proper sitting posture. By having your child use EASEBelt®, you will not only be free of this unpleasant feeling, but you will also not have to control them around the clock, as the child’s sitting posture will be independently continuously controlled by the belt, which will help them experience how to control their posture themselves.

Let’s not forget: what a child learns today, they will know tomorrow!

Subject to a recommendation by your child’s paediatrician or orthopaedist, the belt can be adjusted to fit younger children as well.



For individuals working in a sedentery environment

If you work in an office and behind a computer,

EASEBelt®, combined with its installed anterior braces, ensures that the spine fits the backrest of your seat like a glove and reduces the burden placed on spinal vertebrae.

An ergonomic sitting posture reduces the burden placed on your hands while you work, thus preventing and protecting you from occupational injuries and diseases.


When driving a vehicle and operating machinery,

EASEBelt®, combined with its installed anterior braces, ensures that the spine fits the backrest of your seat like a glove and reduces the burden placed on spinal vertebrae.

EASEBelt® is recommended when carrying out activities such as: driving various vehicles, operating construction machinery, cranes, etc.

Regular use of the belt will relax both your spine and you at the end of the day.




When sitting in your wheelchair,

EASEBelt®, combined with its installed anterior braces, ensures that the spine fits the backrest of your seat like a glove and reduces the burden placed on spinal vertebrae.

At the same time, it also prevents uncontrolled slipping of the body from the wheelchair seat that may cause numerous additional inconveniences both to the wheelchair user and his/her caregiver.


Spinal support

The posterior stabilisation brace on the EASEBelt® stabilises your abdominal muscles, backbone and the small of your back. It levels out vertical forces and improves your posture.

The elastic properties of the belt permit required movements. A reduced burden on your spinal vertebrae has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in your entire body.

The belt is intended to provide optimum relief and support to the spine in all kinds of situations.

The time has come to take control of your sedentary posture.


EASEbelt – Basic model

59,90 €


EASEbelt – Dynamic

49,90 €

In the media


  • For my employees and even for myself I noticed better work organization, and even more efficiency. We need to sit at the computer most of our working time and it's really tiring. Now, when I start to use EASEBelt, I am going home far less tired and still full of energy.

    Selma Halilovič

    Director of employment agency DELOS

  • Yes, I have EASEBelt on the tractor and when I do excavator activities move it there too. I'm still young and have no back pain but have realized when I working on the tractor or excavator with that belt , that really kept me full of energy, despite the fact having been long exposed to shaking machine. I recommend it!

    Roman Šteh


  • After first day of using EASEBelt and after 20 years of morning 'hatching' out of bed, I finally got up normally again. Now I use it when sitting in the car and at home as well. Since I have such a good feeling when I use it, I often take it with me for gardening and landscaping.

    Breda Krušič


  • "With the use of Easebelt I feel that I sit in a natural position, because this belt sort of" force " me into a pleasant seating position. Now I actually sit in "the embrace of comfort" and after a long driving I am no longer so tired as before.

    Aljosa Eržišnik


  • Hello Srečko! I said to myself that I have to write to you. Today, I first used your belt in the long journey and I have never stepped out of the car so relaxed. Really good stuff. Congratulations again for the gold medal! You deserved it!

    Urška Vračko, a specialist in pediatrics

  • The results of experiments, carried out by Asist. Stanislav Štuhec, Professor of Physical Education from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of sport, are excellent. He explained results as follows: »Position of the spine, using EASEBelt®, is more "upright" as without (3D kinematics). That is how the belt has a major influence on heart rate, rhythm of breathing and heartbeat variability. Consequently, the seatting with EASEBelt®, cause less tiredness after prolonged sitting, increased efficiency and above all: wellbeing, despite a lengthy sitting.«

    Asist. Stanislav Štuhec, Professor of Physical Education

    Head of Sports diagnostic center, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of sport

  • One of the best inventions I have seen in years!

    Dejan Vinčič

    Slovenia men's national volleyball team

  • Lengthy, hour-long sedentary periods during which you do not move, combined with an inappropriately supported spine, cause a burning and unpleasant pain in the lumbar spine. A continuous burden thereof results in a posture defect. The EASEBelt® supports your spine and tailbone by relieving the burden of the parts of the spine most affected by a sedentary lifestyle, without hindering your freedom of movement.

    Marko Lovše

    B.Sc. in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics.

  • Selma Halilovič
  • Roman Šteh
  • Breda Krušič
  • Aljosa Eržišnik
  • Urška Vračko
  • Asist. Stanislav Štuhec, Professor of Physical Education
  • Dejan Vinčič
  • Marko Lovše


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